Privacy Statement

1. Introduction


    1.1 Global Arena (hereinafter also referred to as "provider") is committed to protect the privacy of its clients. Personal data will be handled according to this Privacy Policy.

    1.2 The service of Global Arena contains links to third-party websites. These websites do not necessarily follow the same standards of data protection. By accessing a third party website, you are automatically subject to the privacy policy of that website.

    1.3 This Privacy Policy is part of the User Agreement of Global Arena.

2. Collection and Use of Information


    2.1 In the course of rendering its contractual services, Global Arena may collect personally identifiable information. This data may include the client's name, job title, IP address, company name, company address and phone number, region of focus, business of focus and investment information preferences.

    2.2 The provider is entitled to process this personally identifiable information considering data protection. The client permits Global Arena to electronically store and evaluate their data.

3. Access to and Editing of Personal Information


    3.1 You may request to view all data stored in connection with your name at no charge. This information is provided electronically.

    3.2 The client may edit personal details given when registering to use the Global Arena website at any time.

    3.3 Deletion of a client's user profile can be requested at any time. Such requests will be performed within 30 days.

4. Data Security and Control


    4.1 The client is aware of the fact that with today's state of technology, when transferring data via the internet, data protection can not be guaranteed comprehensively. When downloading and uploading data, the security of these is the client's sole responsibility.

    4.2 Global Arena may test text, pictures and other data published by the client for its compliance with the applicable law and the User Agreement. However, there is no such obligation.

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy


    5.1 Global Arena reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will be communicated on the Global Arena website.

    5.2 This Privacy Policy will not be modified in such a way that weakens the client's right to privacy without their consent unless required by applicable law.