Top Matching Locations - determined using the FDI advantage index

Your Business Environment settings allow you to change the business environment factors that we use to calculate the top matching results. If you have not yet adjusted any slider settings than the system will either show you the results with all location factors set equal or the organization that shows you the case study may have put in Presets to highlight a specific Business Environment DNA that best reflects the comparative advantages of that location.

How the Top Matching Locations are determined

Utilizing objective data sources for each location factor, Global Arena uses statistical analysis to create a ‘score’ for each location against each factor. These scores, together with the business environment DNA (which determines the relative weight of each factor) allow us to map the locations into a normal curve distribution. The displayed percentages depict the results of that mapping. A location with a 50% score is in the middle of the compared locations; a 90% score would place a location in the top10% while a 10% score would place a location in the bottom 10%. Because a normal distribution has ‘long tails’, locations with 100% (or 0%) scores will not exist. Moving the sliders will change the business environment DNA - the matching results will change when you click on the show locations button.