Set your Business Environment preferences

Because no location is ‘best’ for every business purpose, Global Arena provides ‘sliders’ that allow you to determine the relative importance of the location factors that impact your decision. If, for example, socio-political stability is very important, you would move that slider to the right. Similarly, you can reduce the impact of a factors by moving the associated slider to the left. You can ‘lock’ a factor by clicking on the lock symbol.The Business Environment DNA strip (below the sliders) instantly changes as you adjust the sliders. This DNA strip shows the relative weights of the decision factors and is used to compute the results of the comparative analysis. Different business environment DNA leads to different matching locations. Once you have set the DNA to your satisfaction, click on the show locations button and the comparative analysis results will be updated.

When you analyse a Case Study you will notice that we have set all location factors equally weighted. Our users and clients can activate Case Studies on their business or location profile using preset values to highlight the Business Environment DNA that best reflects their location strenghts.