The Growth Competitiveness of US States

To capture growth opportunities, to ensure a sustainable talent supply and to reduce uncertainty and risks global corporations reconsider their international footprint continuously. As the global leader in technology, innovation and entrepreneurial activity the United States are offering a dynamic and highly competitive business environment and great market opportunities.

About this analyses

Locations matters when it comes to realise growth, opportunities to ensure talent supply and to reduce uncertainty. For companies looking to expand or relocate the US offers not only a huge market with a good infrastructure with world class universities and leading global corporations, but also one of the most competitive business environments in the world. Furthermore, it has a highly skilled labour force and is very successful in attracting global talent.

To provide a new point of view conducted a comparative advantages benchmark to the attractiveness of US States for international investments. The interactive benchmark includes not only economic factors indicating the economic growth potential of the US States, but also talent factors indicating the talent supply and attractiveness in terms of quality of life and education quality. Furthermore the governance factors show how the States perform on offering a reliable governance structure with a competitive tax climate and labour cost environment.

The findings of this analysis were presented by's COO Lex Dekkers at The Consultants Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 31st 2012.