FDI Advantages of Swiss Cantons

International companies that are planning a foreign investment for their business in Europe will value countries close to the major markets and, with sustainable public financing, competitive tax system, high innovation output and a high quality of life environment to support their global talent supply. Switzerland excells at these important business environment factors. Centrally located in Europe, being an EFTA member with access to the biggest consumer market and without having the Euro as currency makes Switzerland an attractive destination for international business. 

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We used Global-Arena.com’s comparative advantage benchmark to determine the FDI advantage of Swiss cantons for international companies. The study provides a new point of view on the attractiveness of the Swiss business environment as location for doing business and unveils the comparative advantages between 19 out of 26 Swiss Cantons. The interactive benchmark includes not only economic factors, but also taxation factors. Furthermore, the talent factors show to which extent each of the Cantons is providing talent supply, their international population and the cost of living.

About this analyses

Where many Eurozone countries struggle with austerity and low economic growth, Switzerland’s economic growth remains, although affected, positive and is therefore, combined with its central location in Europe, it’s high quality infrastructure, proximity to leading universities and it’s high quality of life an attractive destination for international business. Due to the Swiss decentralised government, the Swiss Cantonal governments have a big direct impact on the framework conditions of their business environment. The most appealing example is the competition in taxation and the effectiveness of local government.