Global Arena translates Big-data to decision-ready and actionable information for executives

Leaders need comprehensive and reliable guidance about the often challenging business environment in Emerging Markets.External Environment Analysis is focused on the information needs of global executives concerning market opportunity, talent and risk, with the ability to provide answers in the context of the client.

March 21 2014, by: Martine Goossens

Why we offer this new Service? “This year Western firms’ giant bet on the emerging world will come under more scrutiny. American firms made a 12% return on equity in 2012, roughly in line with their global average. But having grown fast, profits are now falling in dollar terms. There has been a long bout of share-price underperformance as investors have lost their euphoria. An index run by Stoxx, a data firm, of Western firms with high emerging-market exposures has lagged the broader S&P 500...Read more