Discover why a science driven Big-data analysis is crucial for every organization and executive (item includes short video) With Big-data analytics you can identify new opportunity for your organisation

29th October 2013, by: Global Arena

Our Big-data analysis model has proven that it can contribute to significant improvement of company earnings.

The Global Arena Big-data analysis model is designed to help you gain exclusive business and market insight for your organization. The Global Arena model translates the Big-data relevant to your business into numbers that enable you to make essential business decisions. Lets look at what Big-data can really do for almost any organization beyond the overhyped promises of technology companies.

What kind of new solutions are possible with Big data?

Even though we believe that Big-data analytics is one of the strongest drivers for growth and profitability available to executives today, for most companies the real promise of Big-data is simply to improve execution. Executives can base their decisions on better information that is faster available. The Global Arena model makes information better because it relates and integrates market and company data and it can match past performance with areas of future opportunity. We have learned that the scientific quality, speed of implementation and the performance to opportunity matching, makes the following solution scenarios uniquely better:

  • Corporate resource allocation
  • Alignment of growth markets and resources
  • Global workforce planning and forecasting
  • Productivity benchmarking of sites and plants (macro, meso and micro)
  • Skills gaps and talent demand-supply analysis
  • Talent supply hotspots identification
  • Human capital risk analysis and mitigation

Big-data provides algorithms, models and technology that can capture valuable information from highly variable and unstructured data sources that are often unused information assets today.

The Global Arena model is designed to discover, analyse, use and share valuable data. We validate relevant data and integrate it with market data to identify new areas of opportunity with actionable quantified conclusions.

Which executives benefit from Big data analysis:

  • CEO - Improve decision making with independent data-driven 360-degree views about the business, markets, key transactions and risk
  • CFO – Optimize capital allocation, improve forecastability and planning and reduce risk exposure.
  • CMO – Address the needs of customers with better market information.
  • CSO – Target customers with up-to-date information per geography.
  • COO – Optimize global resource allocation and risk management.
  • HR – Increase labour productivity, improve global workforce planning, reduce human capital risk, innovate talent development and improve the business value of HR to the organization
  • IT – Increase the value of information assets.

Our video further explains how our technology could help you in a typical corporate resource allocation scenario.