Commercial Real Estate

Advertise you commercial Real Estate investment opportunities and properties on our website. 

"Commercial Real Estate" not only allow you to promote your property, but also:
- the location will show on our online platform Google Maps.

Currently, there are 3 ways you can put your Commercial Real Estate, business location or company on the map:

  •  If you are promoting Commercial Real Estate...
  • we build a property profile for you with all the information you provide (characteristics, advantages of the business location, facilities, pictures).
  • If you are promoting a business location...
  • we connect this location with the property services company that advertise commercial real estates in this location.
  • If you are promoting a professional services company...
  • we can offer you the opportunity of becoming a FDIworld partner - the global network of trusted local market professionals. Your company is than shown in line with the geographic and location navigation of companies searching for suitable business locations for their FDI projects.